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All Winmate Marine series products design and testing are according to DNV Standard for Certification 2.4, IEC60945 and IACS-E10.
Winmate Marine series products are now certified by Det Norske Veritas Classification AS (DNV) by following list.

See Our Marine Video


Winmate new branding marine grade products,RUGMATE Marine Bridge System LCD Displays and
Marine Panel Computers, are the best solutions for maritime applications such as Navigation, Monitoring
& Surveillance, and Ship Automation.

Marine Bridge Display
The Marine Bridge System LCD is an extraordinary display design with transflective panel, dimming brightness, ease of use OSD front panel control, IP65 resistant, multi-scan, touchscreen, wide voltage range power input acceptable, and anti-corrosion.



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Feature Tour

Hyper Dimming

Our displays use hyper dimming technology that can control backlight brightness linearly from nearly 0% to 100% by a dimming knob. In the night vision it’s very suitable for marine applications.
See Dimming Video.

Sunlight Readable

Our extraordinary transflective film technology enhances visibility for Marine outdoor or bright ambience environment.
Anti-Corrosion and IP Proof

The Marine grade products design with panel (flush) mount IP65 aluminum housing with powder coating design (IP54 rear) achieve the anti-corrosion proof in harsh conditions. See Anti-corrosion test Video
See Anti-corrosion test Video
Versatile I/O Functions

The Marine grade products can accept multi-video inputs as DVI, VGA, S-Video or Composite, also support PIP (picture in picture) function for special marine applications.
User-friendly OSD Control

With IP65 water-dust front bezel proof, the Marine Displays has an easy-to-use front panel control. It is very convenient and intuitive design helps all maritime users to adjust the panel.
Wide Range DC input / AC Solution

Applications are very demanding the power source the power source characteristics.Our displays use wide voltage range from 8 to 36V DC input. AC power input is available as option for several models from 12 inch to 23.1 inch.
Touchscreen / Anti-reflection Protection Glass

Our modularized mechanical design allows customers to choose between high quality SAW touchscreen, 5 wire resistive touchscreen or even anti-reflection protection glass as option.
Extended Shock and Vibration Resistance

The rugged mechanical design provides enhanced shock and vibration resistance for Marine grade products. See Anti-Vibration test Video.
See Anti-Vibration test Video.


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